Sonic Interaction Workshop

July 1, 2008

Presentation and Thanks!

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Hello everyone!

Here are the pdf files of:

Thank you all for creative and inspiring time together!

Special thanks to Olivier Houix, Olivier Delerue and Patrick Susini for help with organizing the workshop.

This workshop was supported by COST Action IC0601: Sonic Interaction Design (SID).


June 26, 2008

Workshop Pictures

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The first workshop pictures are on flickr. It would be great if you could upload your workshop pictures to flickr (or elsewhere, tagged “ExploringSonicInteraction“) and let us know via email or blog where they are!

Participant: Davide Tidoni

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Davide Tidoni (Brescia – ITA, 1981)

With a particular focus on listening modes and sound experience, I realize a variety of projects that investigate and renovate the way people listen and relate to sound.

Participant: Stephan Baumann

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Stephan Baumann
Competence Center Computational Culture
German Research Center for AI (DFKI)
Art+Research interests, objectives, rationales:
I have a scientific background in Music Information Retrieval and AI. I have been a semiprofessional
musician and since 2 years I try to combine my research with artistic approaches.
I am interested into the perception of the „old traditional world“ augmented by the partially
„invisible technofied world“. Audio and especially music as a means to communicate about such
mixed reality settings have been part of my first sketches as a media artist (see 1) As a
researcher I am interested into the function of music as a canvas for emotions. Therefore I
started recently an open web2.0 site for collecting reports about „chills and goose pimples“
when listening to music (see 2). I wish to learn something about the concept of tangible media
and how to embed this into my future works (e.g my STSMCall3 application, see 3).
1) Concept Art, GHz networks as Objets Trouvé
Remixing the invisible
2) Research, Web2.0 for Music and Emotion
3) Research meets Art: 24/7 gathering of urban sound, GHz network traffic, physiological data
January 2006 Head of Competence Center Computational Culture DFKI
March 2005 Ph.D in Computer Science / Music Information Retrieval, AI
Artificial Listening Systems: Modellierung und Approximation der
individuellen Perzeption von Musikähnlichkeit, TU Kaiserslautern
German Research Center for AI (DFKI)
June 2003 Invited Researcher Institute for Research and Coordination of Acoustics and
Music (IRCAM, Paris),
Since October 2001 Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz,
Senior Researcher/ Consultant
November 2000 – October 2001 Founder sonicson GmbH
Music Search Engines, Audio Analysis
2004 – MPEER: Multimodal Music Recommender (with B. Jung, O. Hummel, S. Vembu)
2005 – BluetunA: Ad-hoc Music Sharing for Mobile Phones (with A. Bassoli and B. Jung)
2006 – CatchMeIfYouCan: Urban Games for GPS (with T. Bender and D. Burkhardt)
2007 – WhoAmi: Digital Identity (with T.Bielohlawek)
2008 – Tiqqer: RSS Aggregation and Memetracking (with Drazen Cindric)
2008 – Openeer: Crowdsourcing for ExtremeEmotionalReactions (with M.Memmel)

Participant: Francesca Tidoni

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Francesca Tidoni

I am a young sound resercher and I work with 0 to 10 year old babies and children, as a professional woman, collaborating with institutions, schools, and music associations.

As music educator I am interested in sonic gesture and actions, in the innumerable ways of producing sounds, in sensory perception of sounds and music, in sound imagination, in composition with everyday sounds ( digitally recorded and manipulated) and everyday objects ( office, kitchen, hydraulic objects and so on).

The focuses of this icad workshop are exploration, interaction, everyday contexts: I think that children need someone who consciously accompanies them in their natural sound explorations, someone who creates rich and effective sound contexts, someone who is interested in their general development but also in contemporary music research: I believe in the deep links that are between contemporary art and childhood culture.

I live and work in Bologna, where I took the Communication Sciences degree in 2003.
I have collected 443 hours extra of specific and certified courses about music education (Scuola Popolare di Musica Donna Olimpia Roma, SIMEOS Verona, SIEM Lerici, Centro Studi Musicali Maurizio de Bendetto Lecco, Efeso Bologna) with good teachers like Beth Bolton ( Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA) and François Delalande.
I have also a certified course in Sound Design of 30 hours.
I have studied classical piano in my childhood and jazz piano and improvvisation for 4 years with Fabrizio Puglisi and Tristan Honsinger. I have also studied south american percussions, guitar, voice. I am a member of “Arcanto” choir.

As music educator I have collaborated in Bologna with:
Festivals: “La città dello Zecchino 2007” and Angelica Festival, Bologna, “Take The CageTrain”: HYPERLINK “”
Libraries and Museums: Museo e Biblioteca Internazionale della Musica, Bologna, Biblioteca Tassinari Clò di Villa Spada Bologna, Casa della Conoscenza- Biblioteca Cesare Pavese Casalecchio di Reno.
Institutions: Comune di Casalecchio di Reno e Comune di Zola Predosa;
Public Children Schools: Scuole dell’infanzia Morandi e Don Marella, Nidi e Scuole dell’Infanzia dei Comuni di Marzabotto, Lama di Reno, Pian di Venola, Vergato, Riola, Associazione Casagialla- Progetti per crescere
Music schools: Scuola Popolare di musica Ivan Illich, Associazione Culturale Novarcanto

Participant: Yolanda Vazquez-Alvarez

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Yolanda Vazquez-Alvarez

I’m a first year PhD student and part of the Multimodal Interaction Group in the Computing Science Department in Glasgow, UK. My PhD topic focuses on using audio cues to interact with mobile devices. I will be using spatialized sound as the basis for this interactions. As I just started my research a few months ago I would very much like to attend the Sonic Interaction workshop. I have never done any research on audio displays in the past and this workshop would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about sonic interactions and take advantage of the hands-on experience it offers.

Participant: Mie Nørgaard

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Mie Nørgaard

At the moment I am finishing my ph.d. in HCI about how thinking about usability and user experience evaluation from a perspective of cross-professional learning will help stakeholders collaborate on better designs. Besides this I am also working with Alex Taylor from Microsoft Research on a study of how humans understand their pets and how technology changes the relationship between humans and pets. Our goal is to see if we can augment human-pet interaction by making an intelligent system that takes input from a pet and inspires humans to understand and interact with their pets in new ways.

I believe that the Sonic Interaction workshop will serve as inspiration for this work but more importantly guide me as to what types of projects I will look at after my Ph.d. It has long been a wish to more actively go into creating new and challenging systems in the intersection between research and art, and I am confident that your workshop will be a great inspiration as well as give me the opportunity to meet other professionals that work within this area.

Also, as my background is in archaeology, I am always drawn to working with mundane artefacts and thinking about everyday artefacts in new ways. This, I believe, is an important key to understanding human life and values.

short biography:

Mie Nørgaard is a Ph.D. fellow in human computer interaction (HCI) at the University of Copenhagen. Her research interests include collaborative and organizational aspects of user research and experienced-focused HCI. With her background in archaeology she is also curious about modern technological artefacts and their potential for supporting and augmenting every-day life.

Participant: Nick Mariette

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Nick Mariette

I presently work on a project called Sound Delta at LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France.
There’s more information on Sound Delta online here:

I’m interested in joining the workshop to experience and consider my field of motion-interactive spatial audio through your collaborative physical “body-storming” approach. As a lateral thinking method, I’m keen to discover what ideas it may inspire for my research.

Here’s a short bio for me:
Nick Mariette is a Sydney-based sound technologist, software developer, sound artist and spatial audio phonographer, presently working towards a PhD on location-based spatial-audio rendering and perception, working with Nigel Helyer and the AudioNomad group at UNSW. His work in 2006, other than research includes a solo live surround sound performance in Sp[AV]ce at Electrofringe 2006, spatial audio recording for iCinema immersive cinema filming, novel interface development for Pan, a Belvoir B-Sharp theatre production, and experimental radio pieces for FBi and Radio National’s The Night Air. Previous work includes performances, workshops and panels at Electrofringe festivals since 2002, sound technology for AudioNomad work at ISEA 2004, and a generative multichannel sound piece, Yellow Mondays, exhibited in Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. Until 2003, Nick worked for over four years developing spatial audio software and solutions at Lake Technology, in Sydney and California. In 1998, he graduated with an honours degree in Electrical Engineering from University of New South Wales.

And some websites:

Participant: Katharina Vogt

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Katharina Vogt
My original background lies in a master of physics and environmental studies
and, besides, viola playing. After my studies I searched for some
combination between science and music and found sonification. For nearly 2
years I worked within the interdisciplinary research project SonEnvir at the
Insitute of Electronic Music and Acoustics in Graz, where I now (since first
of June:) ) have my own project, continuing sonification of data stemming
from computational physics. We search for ways to perceptualise 4
dimensional data and abstract matheamtical concepts, and creative input is
always needed 🙂

I will present the new project and first results at the ICAD.

Participant: Joëlle Bitton

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Joëlle Bitton
My work spans the art, design and research worlds. Since 1998, I’ve been
practising interactive media at different levels, mainly as an artist and as an
interaction designer.
My approach is strongly interdisciplinary and collaborative. Coming from different backgrounds – history, geopolitics, art, design – I play around this corpus of knowledge to inspire my creative process, and I always look forward to work with people coming also from various disciplines, like music, performance, social sciences and so on. My motivation is to create narrative and emotional interactive experiences that would get people to question what’s taken for granted.
This is why I’m particularly interested to participate in your workshop where the multidiscplinary collaborative process seems essential. But as well, I see 3 aspects of the workshop in your presentation that appeal to me : sonic interaction, everyday objects and hands-on design.
The everyday context is a personal theme of work and linked to sonic artefacts, it offers an engaging approach to tangible interaction design. It’s an interesting echo to modern art and music history, when the Dada movement and later John Cage used any objects to produce any sound and embody all kind of fantasies.
Short bio :
As a media artist, Joëlle Bitton co-founded in 2000 an experimental collective, Superficiel, to support art projects which have explored the ideas of surface, screen, sound interaction, and body movement interfaces, among others. Her professional experience as an interaction designer involved designing and carrying out multimedia projects, mainly for museums and cultural institutions. Her fields of expertise include developing editorial concepts, narratives, information architectures, navigation systems and user experiences.
Between September 2002 and January 2005, she worked as a research fellow at Media Lab Europe in Dublin, Ireland. “Human Connectedness”.
In 1999, Joëlle Bitton completed her DEA, a post-graduate degree from the University of Sorbonne in the history of techniques. Her thesis, “the Machines of Imaginary” describes the influence of the emerging technologies and networks on European society during the 19th century.
To date, Joëlle Bitton’s research has centered on the themes of cultural identity and immigration heritage; intimate interfaces and love relationships; everyday life and triviality; urban and private environments. She has also taken part in various international conferences and festivals. Joëlle Bitton was born in Paris in 1974.

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