Sonic Interaction Workshop


This workshop is organised by Karmen Franinovic, Lalya Gaye and Frauke Behrendt

Karmen Franinovic

Karmen Franinovic is an architect, artist, and interaction designer focused on the creative, critical and active use of technology in architecture, public space and everyday life. In her projects, she seeks to stimulate social and bodily movements, and to raise awareness of interaction with/in the urban surroundings and its diverse ecologies. Her theoretical research on play, hospitality, participation and enaction manifests in responsive spaces, digital architecture, video and interactive installations. Currently, she focuses on tangible interaction and sonic feedback embedded in artefacts and spaces. Her works have been presented at and commissioned by Ircam/Centre Pompidou (Paris), SF Camerawork (San Francisco), Fondazione Sandretto (Torino), MoMA Ljubljana, FEME (Taipei), DEAF (Rotterdam), UbiComp (Tokyo) and The Junction (Cambridge) and others

Karmen received the Laurea degree with Honours from Istituto Universitario di Archittetura di Venezia, and Master’s degree from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. She worked as an architect on large public buildings with AltenArchitekten, Studio ArchA, Arata Isozaki and Associates, and Arup. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD research through School of Computing, Communications and Electronics at University of Plymouth, and works as the research associate at the Zurich University of the Arts where she leads interaction design projects on interactive sound in tangible interaction supported by European Science Foundation and European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme.

Lalya Gaye

Lalya Gaye (Dånk! Collective – Göteborg, Sweden) is an HCI/Interation Design researcher who works in multidisciplinary projects at the convergence of art, technology, and design. Her prototyping-based research explores potentials of ubiquitous computing for everyday life aesthetic activities, and focuses in particular on locative media and mobile music technology. She also works in various art projects centred on urban public space and audio experimentations and organises sound-oriented workshops and small festivals.
She received a B.Sc. in Physics at the University of Geneva, a M.Sc.Eng. in Electroacoustics at KTH in Stockholm, worked several years at the Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute, and is currently finishing a Ph.D. thesis in Applied Information Technology at the University of Göteborg.
She is a member of the PLAN network for pervasive and locative arts, a permanent member of the steering committee for the international workshop series on Mobile Music Technology, and is actively involved in the NIME research community. She has presented her work at various international conferences, festivals and journals and regularly gives talks, workshops and lectures at universities, institutions and events worldwide.

Frauke Behrendt

Frauke Behrendt conducts research into the experience of urban space via mobile media; focussing on interactive art, music and sound projects that experiment with this experience. She is currently finalising her PhD (DAAD funded) at the Department of Media and Film Studies at the University of Sussex, (UK), is on the steering committee of the International Mobile Music Workshop and German delegate for the European Action on Sonic Interaction Design (SID). Her book “Handymusik. Klangkunst und ‘mobile devices'” (“Mobile Phone Music. Sound Art and Mobile Devices”) has been published in 2004. Frauke’s research is published in English and German, and has been presented at various international conferences such as NIME and ISEA. She is a member of the “Centre for Material Digital Culture” and of Richard Sennett’s “NYLON Culture and Society” Seminar. Her blog about sound, mobile media, art and culture is at


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