Sonic Interaction Workshop

June 26, 2008

Participant: Mie Nørgaard

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Mie Nørgaard

At the moment I am finishing my ph.d. in HCI about how thinking about usability and user experience evaluation from a perspective of cross-professional learning will help stakeholders collaborate on better designs. Besides this I am also working with Alex Taylor from Microsoft Research on a study of how humans understand their pets and how technology changes the relationship between humans and pets. Our goal is to see if we can augment human-pet interaction by making an intelligent system that takes input from a pet and inspires humans to understand and interact with their pets in new ways.

I believe that the Sonic Interaction workshop will serve as inspiration for this work but more importantly guide me as to what types of projects I will look at after my Ph.d. It has long been a wish to more actively go into creating new and challenging systems in the intersection between research and art, and I am confident that your workshop will be a great inspiration as well as give me the opportunity to meet other professionals that work within this area.

Also, as my background is in archaeology, I am always drawn to working with mundane artefacts and thinking about everyday artefacts in new ways. This, I believe, is an important key to understanding human life and values.

short biography:

Mie Nørgaard is a Ph.D. fellow in human computer interaction (HCI) at the University of Copenhagen. Her research interests include collaborative and organizational aspects of user research and experienced-focused HCI. With her background in archaeology she is also curious about modern technological artefacts and their potential for supporting and augmenting every-day life.


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